Life Towards Rails and TECHRISE

September 8, 2016

I want to start right before joining TECHRISE. Haha long time ago Uh Just Kidding. I am a 19 years old BSC.CS.IT student at ACHS college. When I was on first semester I was not quite able to get the concept of programming languages. Then after first semester I got a bit of interest on it and after then I have never looked back. I Love programming :) . Back then I learned PHP and start loving web development and since then I always dreamed of becoming a good web developer. After learning the basic of PHP and making two projects out of it I thought of taking my PHP skills at next level. But back then I had a disease of jumping from one language to another. It was like one day I was learning python and on other I was learning java. Doing so I wasted one year of my life. If I haven’t jumped here and there I might would have been better on PHP. But the universe wanted something else it was misguiding me to guide through the right path I guess so.

Then one evening I was just surfing Facebook. I saw an ad posted on one of the Developer group. I guess so cause I don’t really remember how I saw that ad or where. I think that was magical because joining TECHRISE has become a magical experience to me. I fill up the form and they send me an email to complete the Pre task necessary for the enrollment on the course. I was excited I completed It. Oh ! Wait there is much more The Path to TECHRISE was not easy tough. When I was on pre task my laptop hard disk got damaged. I was not able to repair my laptop due to some financial problems ha ha all person in earth has got those I guess. I got it repaired after few weeks. The Due date was already gone I was not able to complete my pre task. Then I checked my email later that night. There was a email from TECHRISE telling me the due date has been increased for a week. I can’t explain how much happy I was. If the due date was not increased I wouldn’t have been with TECHRISE in this magical journey. I think you can tell why I call it magical.

I too have a story about email. Above I have told that I got a email from TECHRISE. Well the email I got was accidentally deleted by me. I guess I would not have known that I am selected and have to do pre task if Nasuko ( Co Founder of TECHRISE really very nice person) haven’t send me message telling me that I am selected and a email was send. Thank you Nasuko. The email was send 10 days ago and was on thrash. Really check your thrash there may be something really important email.

Now here I am on TECHRISE I am learning really fast. It’s been one of the most productive month of my whole life I was able to make two websites in really short period of time. I love TECHRISE. I am getting professional skills that is the bridge between school and job market. I have met really good people (The whole TECHRISE team mentors/co founders/students). I have been on two really good sessions organized by TECHRISE. I learned many things out of those sessions. And That’s all about the life towards rails and TECHRISE.