Grab the Opportunity

April 1, 2017

I gave a presentation on Project management this week. I mostly talked about git and GitHub but the presentation also had some information about how to use Trello, Waffle, Gitter and Slack to boost up productivity and have a good communication among team members. The presentation went well and around 20 people showed up. Mass was larger than I have expected and I am happy that much more people showed up thank you very much. Today on this blog post I am not talking about my presentation but the main focus of this blog post is to tell all those IT students to learn everything you get hands on.

So what happened was, even though I was expecting just 5 - 10 people that day. Inside I was hoping all the people I invited will join the presentation. I know this sounds crazy but I was hoping for more than 30 people. I don’t know why did those people did not join, I guess they thought I was not worth to listen to or I was not qualified enough to give a presentation on Project Management. Whatever the reason It might me. I can tell them they were wrong. I am not telling I am worth to listen to or I am highly qualified, but I am telling that It was an opportunity to learn something new, to get some knowledge. I am a kind of person who will learn anything from anyone, even though that person is way too much younger than me. We all are not an expert, nobody is expert but some other might have some information that I might not have and I could learn that from him/her. So I am always searching for that opportunity and I recommend you all do same. The World is a puzzle, we all have a unique single piece of it, let’s join them together to solve It.

At last, I would like to thank all those attendees for being there and also Thank You to Shishir Thapa, Pawan Sunuwar and Lucky Sherpa for helping me out to organize that beautiful Event.