Daily Five Solution On CodeWars

February 8, 2017

As a Computer Science student, most of us have a dream of becoming a good programmer. Becoming a great programmer is not an easy task, one has to work hard and get up-to-date with new technology. It’s easy to learn the syntax - it’s easy to say I know this and that but the question is do you really know it?

Skill is not about learning the syntax. Skill is an art, where someone implements syntax into a beautiful problem-solving code. Learning how to write syntax is like learning alphabets of some language. Only by learning alphabets one cannot say he/she is an expert on that language - he/she should be capable of forming words, sentences, and paragraph to achieve that level where he/she can proudly say I am an expert.

We students always focus on learning the syntax. We never write code to solve problems. Have you ever automated your day to day task using code? Most of us have never even thought of something like this before. It’s time to do something new.

Join #dailyFiveSolutionOnCodeWars

#dailyFiveSolutionOnCodeWars is an idea. An idea where you are committed to solving 5 programming challenges every day. Join CodeWars today, select the language you are comfortable with and start solving problems. It’s now or never. This small step can help sharpen your brain, make you creative and push you forward in becoming a successful programmer.

You are not bound to submit or show any proof to anyone. Just code in your time. If you get stuck then just tweet or facebook using #dailyFiveSolutionOnCodeWars. If you like this idea then just share with other, the larger the community the better it is. Happy Coding!

Note: Don’t forget to tweet or facebook #dailyFiveSolutionOnCodeWars once you fulfill the daily quota.